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Parish "Community" begins with the Organizations that are its lifeblood, enhancing our lives as well as our worship. Find the groups that fit best with your interests and your gifts; all are welcome! 

Directory of Ministries and Organizations

As the primary group in the Administration and Finance Commission, the Parish Finance Council serves as the administrative oversight for the parish. Its function is to review, approve and help set priorities that will balance the needs of the parish (costs) within the context of our offertory and special gifts (revenues). The members meet monthly with the pastor and the parish accountant to review progress against the budget and take actions necessary to maintain a vibrant parish.

It is our responsibility to keep the parishioners aware of their financial obligations and how their offertory gifts are being used. We publish weekly status of our offertory requirements versus actual collections. Quarterly we provide an overall review of actual performance of the parish and school. Annually we review and publish the full year’s financial results for the parish and school against the budget.

As stewards of the parish finances, we ensure your offertory gifts are used wisely to accomplish our mission.

Finance Council Members

Msgr. John Shamleffer, Pastor
Joan Miller, Parish Accountant
Judy Murphy, Chairperson


John Busch

Lori Koenig Bill Springer

Julie Devoti

John Lake Barb Thibodeau

Jim Duda

Judy Murphy Chris Wallace


Judy Murphy