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A Note from Fr. Molini

Posted on September 22, 2023 in: Parish-wide Announcements

A Note from Fr. Molini

Festival Season begins…

By the time this bulletin is in the churches, we will be celebrating St. Raphael’s Parish Picnic will be at full-tilt on Saturday.  It is such an important expression of community to have us gathered at the parish and enjoying the parish family.  Thanks to all our volunteers, donors, and guests. 

Again, keep in mind this coming week’s FEAST DAY of the ARCHANGELS, September 29th.  Join us at either church for our patrons’ feast:  6:00am at St. Gabriel, 8:00am at St. Raphael, and 8:45am at St. Gabriel.  May the Archangels protect us always.

The 8:45am Mass on Friday at St. Gabriel will be an all-school Mass so that our school children can celebrate our Feast Day.

Keep in mind that our festivities continue with St. Gabriel’s Picnic on October 6 and 7.  Rides, games, food, and fun.  Make plans now to join us.

The Annual Catholic Appeal

Thanks for your generosity in supporting the Annual Catholic Appeal.  I appreciate the questions many of you may have had during this year’s drive coinciding with the “All Things New” announcements which may explain the reduction in our participation levels.    Both parishes, however, exceeded their goals.  I hope by next year, we can increase our percentage of participation as well.

To-date totals:

St. Gabriel, with a goal of $82,603 pledged $130,877 (19.47% participation)

St. Raphael, with a goal of $31,843 pledged $65,370  (33.68% participation)

Thanks to our donors and ACA chairs.  Let us pray for all those who will benefit from your charity and generosity.

Nephew’s wedding

Just a note that I will be “off campus” the weekend of September 29 – October 1.  I have the pleasure of celebrating my nephew’s Wedding Mass in Kansas City on Saturday.  Please pray for the soon-to-be married Ben and Allison Molini.  (God is really good – the  parish picnics fell on either side of the wedding weekend!)