Parish News

The Little Sisters of the Poor, who welcome aged poor persons and share their lives with them, will be visiting our parish Saturday, January 20th and Sunday, January 21st to speak of their mission within the Church, and to ask our help. Their Home, in North St. Louis, currently serves 90 needy elderly persons, age 65 or older, who are loved and cared for until death, so that they live in security and dignity.

The heart of their mission is simply to provide a “Home”, so that those elderly, with whom the sisters joyfully share their lives, realize how much God loves them and wants them to be with Him forever in heaven. Throughout their history, the Little Sisters have depended on the collaboration of the laity to enable them to support their Residents and live their vocation. The Sisters will have envelopes in the pews and will briefly speak at Mass to ask your support. Please make checks payable to the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Last summer, the Sisters announced that they will be leaving the Archdiocese after 148 years. They have no intention of doing so until they find the “right” people to continue their mission to the poor. For that reason, there is no date set for their departure. In the meantime, Archbishop Carlson understands that they must continue to beg in order to keep the “Home fires burning” so that the work continues. 

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