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Donut Sunday - Second Sunday of the Month

After 9:00 am Mass

Fair Trade Items and Bridge Bread available for Sale at St. Gabriel's Donut Sunday 


Faith in Action began as a result of the JustFaith experience and creates an opportunity within our parish to support two causes - one local - Bridge Bread and one with a world focus - Fair Trade products.

There are no regularly scheduled meetings. We sell the products on donut Sunday after the 9:00 am and 11:00 am mass. Volunteers help set up for donut Sunday and sell after the masses in the cafeteria and the vestibule. We need 6 people one Sunday per month. It is a minimal time commitment We would love to have volunteers and, if you can’t volunteer, you are welcome to stop by and enjoy the selection of products available!

Bridge Bread is a social enterprise designed to provide job opportunities for people experiencing homelessness. The goal of the program is to help the disadvantaged engage in a financially rewarding effort that enhances self-worth, promotes dignity and enables them to help themselves. And, not only that, the bakery products are FANTASTIC!!! Their bakery is located on South Grand and their retail outlet is located on Cherokee Street. All Bridge Bread products are on consignment so there is no cost obligation to the parish.

Visit the website:

What is Fair Trade?

Fair trade products (coffee, tea and chocolates) help create a marketplace that makes sure the profits from the sale of products are fairly distributed to those who grow the product, in particular small farmers and marginalized workers and producers.  Fair trade companies also use sustainable methods of production to help preserve our planet earth.

Fair trade coffee, tea, and chocolates will now be available on Donut Sundays.

Selling fair trade products will eventually result in some extra money and all profits will go to the St. Vincent De Paul Society.

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