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Returning to a New Normal

We all need to adapt to a new normal for a while. Lifting restrictions will require a delicate balance to safeguard against a second wave of infections. Older adults will need to be especially vigilant. Even now that stay-at-home orders have relaxed and people are starting to resume some semblance of everyday activities, older adults will need to continue to take extra precautions to avoid being exposed to the Covid-19 virus. It is important to remain conscious in assessing what public spaces to feel comfortable entering. It will be even more challenging to keep a six foot distance from others as stores and other public areas become more crowded. It’s also important to continue to minimize the number of errands, and to be smart and purposeful about what you need to get done when going out.

Freedom is a foundational value in our society and most people will have to decide for themselves what restrictions they are willing to continue to adhere to, so we must continue to maintain measures to keep ourselves safe. Please keep wearing your mask whenever you’re out in a public space. Maintain at least six feet distance between you and anyone who is not living in your household. And hand wash or hand sanitize any time you touch something out in public. Be Safe!

Services for Seniors:

In an effort to continue to keep our senior parishioners safe in their own homes, we have many volunteers available and ready to run errands for groceries and medications. We also have homemade masks available. Please call the rectory and leave a message for Judy if you need this service or if you need a mask.


I am also still happily taking donations of homemade masks, as well as looking for volunteers who can help make fan-fold disposable masks to provide for those who come to mass without a mask. I have a simple pattern that requires only two seams run on a sewing machine. The seams can be stapled as well. I will supply all the precut materials. 353-6303 or email at  

To contact me, I am in the office most days between 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm, and on Saturday mornings. Call 353-6303 ext 125 or email

Additional information about the parish nurse can be found on the Parish Website at Parish Nurse Ministry



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