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A Note from the Children's Liturgy Committee

Posted on June 18, 2020 in: Parish-wide Announcements

A Note from the Children's Liturgy Committee

St. Gabriel's Church is doing a wonderful job promoting a healthy environment to allow for prayer and mass for all; however, in order to remain healthy this means Children's Liturgy is unable to resume under social distancing guidelines.  Therefore, we would like to extend an invitation for families to come to church when it is open during the day and take part in the interactive Rosary prayer board offered to our young children in the parish.  As you enter through the alley church doors, you will find the Rosary board on a window sill along with a basket containing a bag which holds a rose, a paper rosary bead, and a glue dot. We encourage you to pick up a bag and pray the whole rosary, a decade of the rosary, or a bead of the rosary with your child(ren) as you see fit.  After, place the rose in the vase on Mary's altar inside of Church.  Step-by-step instructions can be found next to the prayer board.  We hope you find this activity engaging and a powerful way to pray with your child(ren) while we are away from each other. Please remember to follow social distance guidelines when entering the Church.  

Peace, Love, and Prayers from the Children's Liturgy Committee.

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