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Blood drive time! 

Our St. Gabriel drive is Sunday, July 26, 8:00am -12:30pm

School Cafeteria

Summer Blood Drive: Donors Urgently Needed

Donate Blood-Consider it an Investment in the Future (maybe yours)…

  1. The need is great. Cancer patients are among the most common recipients of blood transfusions; but donations are also used daily many other patients. Blood supplies are critically short due to the cancellation of hundreds of blood drives.
  2. You probably can. While donors must be at least 17, there’s no upper age limit for giving blood as long as you are well and have no restriction or limitation to your activities. People in their 80s regularly give blood here at St Gabriel. Blood donors can give as often as every 56 days.
  3. You may need blood at some time. Statistics show that 25 percent or more of us will need blood at least once in our lifetime. And those 50-plus begin needing it the most. So why not give back before you need it — or give because someone has given for you?
  4. You get a free mini-physical and a mask. Before donating, your vitals — temperature, pulse and blood pressure — are checked as well as your hemoglobin level. Your donated blood will be tested for several infectious diseases. You’ll be notified of a positive result.
  5. You get a $10 gift card just for showing up.
  6. It is an act of kindness and compassion. One donation can benefit up to three people. There’s personal satisfaction that you may have saved someone’s life.


Safety precaution for the blood drive will include a complete sanitizing of the space before the drive opens, greeting donors at the school entrance and direction on where to wait safely until called to begin the check in process. Masks will be required and those that don’t have one will be given one when arriving. Each station that a donor stops at will be wiped down between donors i.e. check in, computer questionnaire, vital signs, donation. The canteen will be individual spaces at the exit rather than a group table.

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