Parish Contacts

St. Gabriel the Archangel Catholic Church

6303 Nottingham Ave. Rectory Business Hours:  Monday - Friday | 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
St. Louis, MO 63109    
314-353-6303 Bulletin Deadline:  Monday @ 12:00 pm





Fr. Thomas Molini

Fr. Thomas Molini

314-353-6303 x115
E-mail Fr. Molini




Rev. Msgr. Joseph Simon

314-353-6303 x136
E-mail Msgr. Simon

Fr. Anthony Ritter

In Residence

E-mail Fr. Ritter


Deacon David Willis



E-mail Deacon Willis

Deacon Jim Volansky

E-mail Deacon Volansky

Eileen Garavaglia

Parish Secretary
314-353-6303, x110
E-mail Eileen


Sarah Henderson

Youth Minister
314-353-6303, x102
E-mail Sarah

Mary Beth Wittry

Director of Music
314-353-6303, x131
E-mail Mary Beth

Judy Hunter

Parish Nurse
314-353-6303, x125
E-mail Judy





St. Gabriel the Archangel School

4711 Tamm Ave. St. Louis MO, 63109  |  314-353-1229  |  FAX 314-353-6737

Tonya McEnery Principal
314-353-1229, x242
E-mail Mrs. McEnery


Deborah DaLay CRE
314-353-1229, x243
E-mail Mrs. DaLay


Sr. Gail Buckman Band Director
314-353-1229, x248
E-mail Sr. Gail


SCRIP: 314-353-6303 x102

Society of St. Vincent de Paul St. Gabriel Conference - 314-881-1100

Tribunal Advocates (Annulments)  Judy Finch - 314-352-0743, Aaron Weishaar - 314-606-4880

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