Pastor's Corner

Dear Parishioners:

Congratulations to all those who have or will graduate this spring. From Graduate Programs, College, High School & Grade School. A special word of thanks and gratitude for our eighth grade class this year at St. Gabriel the Archangel, may the good Lord and the gift of his Holy Spirit guide and protect you as you progress through life.

A graduation marks a wonderful accomplishment, a passage of life, and a gateway to the rest of our lives. May the knowledge you have received, not be held just for yourself, but may it be a source of wisdom and guidance to all humankind.

Also a special welcome home to all of our college students I pray that this past academic year was both a year of growth in understanding and of wisdom. May God bless you, guide and protect you this summer and as you proceed through life.

My prayer and wishes for all our graduates:

While graduating classes may come and go, O almighty God, only you know all the graduates by name and have been with them their every step. Gracious and loving God, let us celebrate the gift of these young men and women and also to give thanks for all the blessing you have showered upon them in their lives. The abilities to reason, to learn and to remember all demonstrate your creative genius and love for humankind. You have given to these graduates’ mental gifts and the physical health to achieve the goal they have reached and have blessed their efforts with success. The personal care you have shown these men and women in their parents, families, teachers and classmates is another blessing that makes them think of you with heartfelt appreciation. O God hear our prayer for these graduates watch over them guide them and protect them as they continue to grow and mature in your image. Amen.

                                                            Easter Blessings!

                                                            Msgr. John Shamleffer

This Memorial Day weekend let us pause in prayer and gratitude for those who have given their lives for our country! Let us pray for peace in our world.

I also want to thank in a special way faculty members who will not be returning to our school next year: Mrs. Jackie Diekhoff, Mrs. Mary Miller, Mrs. Michelle Saver-Krus, Mrs. Julie Sonn, and Mrs. Jamie Voelpel, they have all gifted our school with their dedication and zeal for educating our youth. Godspeed!


Stewardship Reflection ~ May 26, 2019


“…do not let your hearts be troubled or afraid.” (John 14:27)

Our limited human understanding cannot begin to understand the immense power of God. Instead of trusting in God, we think we can control every outcome. Do you want to make God laugh? Tell Him your plans. The next time worry, anxiety or fear creeps in, thank God for all He has given you and trust that He has a better plan for you.


We are St. Gabriel!


Msgr. John B. Shamleffer

 314-353-6303 x111