Pastor's Corner

Dear Parishioners:

The month of October is dedicated to the praying of the Rosary. The Rosary (from Latin rosarium, meaning "rose garden") or "garland of roses “is a popular and traditional catholic devotion. 

How to Pray The Rosary - The purpose of the Rosary is to help keep in memory certain principal events or mysteries in the history of our salvation, and to thank and praise God for them. The prayers consist of repeated sequences of the Lord’s Prayer followed by ten reciting’s of the Hail Mary and a single praying of "Glory be to the father” each of these sequences is known as a decade. The praying of each decade is accompanied by meditation on one of the Mysteries of the Rosary, which recall the life of Jesus Christ. There are twenty mysteries reflected upon in the Rosary, and these are divided into the five Joyful Mysteries, the five Sorrowful Mysteries, the five Glorious Mysteries, and the five Luminous Mysteries. (The Stain-glass windows in our Church depict the fifteen original mysteries of the Rosary.) 

The Pope has always had a great devotion to Mary and the rosary. During this month of October we pray the rosary many different times in our Church. A number of years ago Pope John Paul II included new mysteries named the Luminous Mysteries, which reflect upon the public life of Jesus. Maybe you could also once this month gather with your families and pray the Rosary together as a sign of solidarity with our Pope. Perhaps you could also add the intention for all those who have fallen away from the practice of the faith, that they might be welcomed back home to the Church. 

In a particular way as we pray the rosary for all those abused in the Church and in our world and for Religious liberty. This liberty is not only about our ability to go to Mass on Sunday or pray the Rosary at home. It is about whether we can make our contribution to the common good of all Americans. Can we do the good works our faith calls us to do, without having to compromise that very same faith? 

Lastly this is also Pro-Life month let us continue to pray for all life from the unborn to those near death.  


Msgr. John Shamleffer 



Stewardship Reflection ~ October 14, 2018


“It  is  easier  for  a  camel  to  pass  through  the  eye  of  a  needle  than  for one who is rich  to enter  the kingdom of God.” MARK  10:25 

Jesus uses tough language that we may not want to hear. But, we are all called to be generous with all our gifts.  Not just the ones we pick and choose, but all our gifts: our time in prayer  to God, our talent in participating in parish ministries and our treasure supporting our local parish and other charities.

To the Faithful of the Archdiocese of St. Louis,

I know I speak for everyone in the Archdiocese of St. Louis when I say how deeply saddened I am by the deaths and the devastation  that  individuals  in  the  Carolinas  and  surrounding  states  are  experiencing  in  the  aftermath  of  Hurricane Florence.  I ask the Lord to carry those who are suffering and who have lost so much.

To help provide immediate and long‐term aid to those recovering from this natural disaster, I am asking our nearly 200 parishes in 11 counties to participate in a second collection at all Masses the weekend of October 6‐7, 2018.  Catholic Charities of St. Louis will forward 100% of funds raised to Catholic Charities USA for distribution among the Catholic Charities agencies providing relief in the hurricane‐impacted communities.

I will be offering a Mass for those who died in this tragedy, as well as their loved ones who mourning.  I ask you to please join your prayers to mine for our neighbors who must now rebuild their lives.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Robert J. Carlson

Archbishop of St. Louis

We are St. Gabriel!


Msgr. John B. Shamleffer

 314-353-6303 x111