Pastor's Corner

Dear Parishioners:

Meet Uno the Sheep. He was a lonely sheep until he became one of the flock. He knows being a part of St Gabriel the Archangel Flocknote is a great way to keep you in touch with your community.

Flocknote is a tool our parish is starting to use so that all of us can better communicate with each other, our parish community and friends.

What kinds of things does Flocknote do?

  • Coordinate ministry announcements and schedules
  • Help in communications with all our Parish groups and ministries
  • Receive messages and inspiration from Msgr John Shamleffer
  • Prayer chain requests
  • Religious Education: including access to the Engaged Program from Word on Fire and so much more!

We love having you as part of our flock! Join today by visiting our website home page and look for Uno the Sheep to sign up online.

Flocknote is free; you can go to our website at any time to sign up. We hope, like Uno, that you will join our Flocknote! Once you are signed up you can also click on your preferences and receive messages from organizations that you are involved.

I would also encourage you this Lent to look at the Engaged program and see all the videos and publications available for your use. Especially during this pandemic time, it can be a great resource even if you cannot attend church in person. I also remind you that daily our Eucharistic liturgy is streamed on both Facebook and You Tube these can also be found on parish website.

Keep healthy and know you are in my prayers!

Lenten Blessings!
Msgr John Shamleffer


We are St. Gabriel!