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Operation Elba's Orphans began in 2008 to assist orphans living in severe poverty in Venezuela.  Elba Herrera de Venta is a friend of Stewards of Hope International and she has taken over 300 neglected and abandoned children off the streets of Venezuela in the last 3 decades.  Currently there are 160+ of these children we help to support through the group of religious sisters that take care of the children on a daily basis.

How did we get involved here in the USA?  Michele Capelle, President and Founder of Stewards of Hope International, met Elba for the first time in 2004 when Elba accompanied Father Alfredo Leon to the USA for some medical treatment.  Michele Capelle is a Physical Therapist and participated in Father Alfredo Leon's care.  During treatments Michele became familiar with Elba's story and had a desire to help.  Elba returned to the USA in 2006 as an interpreter for another priest, Father Angel, as he completed some business in the USA.  Michele and Elba met once again and the desire to help Elba grew even more.  In the process of wanting to hold fundraisers for the needs of the orphans, it became necessary to incorporate Stewards of Hope International, a non-profit organization, to manage the money raised.  Since its incorporation in 2008, Stewards of Hope International, with its many volunteers, has provided over $150,000 for the care of the orphans through fundraisers, donations and its sponsorship program.

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