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Parish "Community" begins with the Organizations that are its lifeblood, enhancing our lives as well as our worship. Find the groups that fit best with your interests and your gifts; all are welcome! 

Directory of Ministries and Organizations

An organization open to all women of St. Gabriel and the surrounding community.

The idea started with a Parish Endow Study Group. Women studying the Letter to Women written by Pope John Paul II. A letter that challenged us to consider our dignity, our feminine genius, our powerful role in our families, the church and the world. This study group made up of all ages allowed us to explore the discussion questions and share facinating facts about our own formation as women of faith. How we became who we are today. How our families shaped us, how our education propelled us and how our vocations defined us. 

At the same time we heard women within our parish expressing a longing for a women’s group. 

After much discussion we launched Women at the Well in 2019. The group’s name, of course, is derived from John’s narrative. The story of the woman at the well seemed to resonate with us. The Samaritan woman was parched and withdrawn, not believing her self-worth. And Jesus communicated His life giving love, His promise to quench her thirst. She was restored and embolded by the true worth He saw in her and she went out and told other women in the town.

So many of our women are thirsty for friendship, joy and inspiration. Our mission offers the opportunity to come together to build community with faith, fellowship and fun. Whether you are 20 something or 90 something we invite you to come and be filled, to put a name to the face of someone you’ve seen around the parish, to hear another woman speak to your heart, to laugh with someone who can only understand as another woman can. We hope you will be quenched literally and figuratively with a glass of wine and an insightful speaker. It is our hope that you will join us for any of our gatherings. 

This is a drop-in organization. Come when you can. There are no dues but a bucket is always set out for donations for speakers and refreshments.

We encourage women to mix up at tables so if you are coming alone there will always be room for you.

The notices for the meetings will appear in the bulletin, on the parish website, flock notes and through the email you can provide to us when you come. We also try to mix up the evenings of our meetings so that someone who always has a commitment on a particular night will have another opportunity to come the next time we meet.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to attend.  

It is our hope that you will leave a little lighter, a little more joyfilled, a little more connected.

St. Catherine of Siena  -  Set our hearts on fire. 

Some Contacts (also known as the Bucket Brigade)

Sandy Timpe 314-368-7265       Claudia Wright 314-960-6717       Cherie Massmann 314-402-6441