Directory of Ministries and Organizations

This month of thanksgiving will indeed be one of gratitude to God.
For health, for work to do, for the opportunities
he has given us of service, we are deeply grateful;
and it is a feeling that makes the heart swell with joy.

                                                                                                  -- Dorothy Day



The following agencies are among those that receive items donated to the Christmas Giving Tree and are always in need of volunteers:

Almost Home 314-771-4663
Birthright 314-962-3653,  800-550-4900
Fr. Tolton Center 314-385-3445
Good Shepherd 314-854-5705
MAT Social Ministry 314-531-1040
Missionaries of Charity 314-533-9070
Rural Parish Workers of Christ the King 636-586-5171
St. August 314-382-7158
St. Jane Center 314-383-6539
St. Martha's Hall 314-533-1313



Melissa Hoffmann



Sue Parada