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During Stewardship Month when we’re reminded to share our time, talent and treasure, it’s a great time to check the cushions of your couch and your coat pockets and to dip into that jar of coins in your closet and help make a difference at St. Gabriel the Archangel parish.

Every weekend from September 15 – October 14, we’ll be collecting coins before and after masses in the vestibule. We’ll use the money not only for our parish but to help change the lives of families through the St. Vincent de Paul Society.

As followers of Christ, we are all called to give of ourselves through prayer, participation and generosity. So please prayerfully consider increasing your weekly offertory. Even a dollar or two increase will help. And in addition, please donate whatever change you can this month. Just as a few loaves and fishes fed thousands, a few spare coins can make a world of difference for our parish and our community.

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