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Pastor's Letter

Posted on January 06, 2022 in: Parish-wide Announcements

Dear Parishioners:

St. Paul reminds us that “We are a Church of the living not of the dead”.  All of us are called to support life in all its forms.  I am thankful to all those who, through word and action, care for one another and lift each other up. 

We heard last week about the leaking of a Supreme Court draft concerning Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.  We as a church hold life as the highest of gifts.  We support and walk with women who have had abortions and offer our care for them; we support women who need help during their pregnancy and after the birth of their child.  We can support available health care, day care, education, jobs and child tax credits that help women have and raise children so they do not feel forced to have abortions. 

Roe v. Wade never really brought any healing or remedies to our nation; fifty years later we still are divided as a nation over the issue of abortions.  I am pro-life for the most essential reason: That is a child in the womb, a human being.  We as a nation have lowered ourselves to believe that we can take the life of our unborn young.  This message has brought poison to our society and has caused great harm to our youth.  Our children look up to us as adults and when we believe that we can take innocent life it distorts the reality of life for them.

That is why we as a church are not out to condemn one who has had an abortion but to minister to them, to pray with them, to bring healing and support.  This is not a time for politics (even though that is what is happening) but a time for serious prayer, reflection and love and care.  This is not a time to gloat over the overturn of Roe v. Wade but to lift up for all the gift of life and to cherish it always.

During this month of May, the month of Mary, Mother of us all, I invite all of us to redouble our prayers, support and efforts, especially for mothers in need and our society today.

                                                                   Easter Blessings!

                                                                   Msgr John Shamleffer