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A Note from Fr. Molini

Posted on April 15, 2024 in: Parish-wide Announcements

A Note from Fr. Molini

“You are witnesses of these things”

Our gospel today ends with these words of Christ to His Apostles.  In another resurrection appearance, He is met with fear and incredulity, but continues to urge them to share the truth of His presence with others.  Such has been the mission of the Church since the beginning; to proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ to the nations.

How are we effective witnesses to the nations?  We have the largest education system in the world, but how can we be more effective in sharing the faith?  The Catholic Church has the largest system of hospitals and care centers in the world, and how can we more effectively share the compassion of Christ with those suffering?  Throughout the nation, the Catholic Church coordinates the largest charitable outreach programs, and still we can reach more in need.  Even in our own community and parish, how can we more effectively invite people to Mass, to parish events, to fellowship and our community life?

Our call to witness must reach all aspects of our life if we are to touch the lives of others.  How effective a witness to God’s love and mercy and I, and how readily do I invite others to know Christ in our community?

Annual Catholic Appeal

Each spring Catholics throughout the Archdiocese are encouraged to support a wide range of ministries and charities.  The Annual Catholic Appeal benefits the work of so many agencies and institutions, caring for the poor, marginalized, and fostering the work of Catholic Education.  When your pledge card arrives in the mail, please be generous with your support.  So many benefit from the ACA and affects people throughout the entire Archdiocese.

Eucharistic Adoration

With the success of Tuesday Adoration throughout Lent, I’m hoping that with the support of both parishes, we can continue to have Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament on every Tuesday from after the 8 am Mass until Benediction at 9:00 pm, held in St. Gabriel’s church.  Please consider signing up for the next few weeks (sign up board in back of both churches) or going on line to the parish website.  We are looking into ways to have way for people to sign up consistently for a particular hour so we can continue this forward.