Catholicism for Catholics

Catholicism for Catholics is an ongoing formational course to help Catholics know their Catholic faith better. Using the Catechism of the Catholic Church as our guide, we study the whole of our faith: our belief, our worship, our action, and our prayer.

Following is a set of Podcasts for the series offered in 2016 - 2017 by Fr. Chris Seiler. Click on the title below to listen to the recording from the original talk:

01 Prologue (CCC 1-25).MP3

02 Man's Desire for God (CCC 26-49).MP3

03 Revelation of God (CCC 50-73).MP3

04 Tradition (CCC 74-100).MP3

05 Sacred Scripture (CCC 101-141).MP3

06 Faith (CCC 142-165).MP3

07 The Creeds (CCC 166-197).MP3

08 The One God (CCC 198-231) .MP3

09 The Trinity (CCC 232-278).MP3

10 The Creator (CCC 279-324).MP3

11 The Human Person (CCC 325-384).MP3

12 Sin and Evil (CCC 385-421).MP3

13 The Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God (CCC 422-455).MP3

14 The Incarnation (CCC 456-483).MP3

15 The Mysteries of Christ's Life (CCC 513-570).MP3

16 The Paschal Mystery I (CCC 571-630).MP3

17 The Paschal Mystery II (CCC 631-682).MP3

18 The Blessed Virgin Mary (CCC 448-511, 963-975).MP3

19 The Holy Spirit (CCC 683-747) .MP3

20. The Church (CCC 748-810).mp3

21. The Marks of the Church (CCC 811-835).mp3

22. Membership in the Church (CCC 835-856).mp3

23. The Apostolic Nature of the Church (CCC 857-896).mp3

24. States of Life (CCC 897-945).mp3

25. Saints, Sins, Resurrection of the Body (CCC 946-1019).mp3

26. Life Everlasting (CCC 1020-1065).MP3

27. The Celebration of the Christian Mystery (CCC 1066-1075).mp3

28. The Litugy- the Work of the Trinity (CCC 1076-1112).mp3

29. The Paschal Mystery in the Church's Sacraments (CCC 1113-1134).mp3

30. Who and How the Liturgy (CCC 1135-1162).mp3

31. The Liturgical Year (CCC 1163-1178).mp3